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Coming home

I see you.

Your worry and anxiety. Your hunger for connection.

I see that there is a story behind your eyes.

You push yourself so hard, continuously asking yourself,

Was that good enough?

I see your desire to change your path, your story, your feelings of inadequacy, your relationships, your life, and your fears.

Have you ever imagined how it might feel  to unburden yourself of “not enough” and rise into your best self?

Whether you are feeling inadequate as a mother, unfulfilled as a partner, misunderstood as a daughter or a sister-friend, or overwhelmed as a career woman, you can give yourself permission to change your story…

and your life.

Take a deep breath — I’ve got you.

It is not only possible that you feel better than you do right now, what happens after that is the really good part.

When you say “yes” to feeling better, you change your life.

Hi. My name is Sarah.

I teach present moment awareness in the midst of transition and change to bring about deep life transformation.

Let’s begin.

Embodied Breath: We start with the breath, and then we RISE. 



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