Your relationship may be in crisis. It may be on fire. As a couple’s coach, I sit in the fire with you.

I coach couples in crisis who are willing to take a deep dive into their own personal patterns. So often in relationship, we want to blame the other person for how we feel, or we want them to change. This is ineffective as we know. But what is the alternative?

When mindful tools are applied to relationships, a lot can happen, because each person is more emotionally regulated. We start with independent, parallel coaching where each member of the partnership learns to recognize patterns. In this way, we avoid finger pointing and move toward compassion more easily. We then move into praciting needs-based communication, non-judgement, forgiveness, and mirroring concepts.

I combine archetypal principles of masculine/feminine dynamics and my ability to see the whole picture, and I provide a deep-level analysis and reflection. All of my coaching is responsive and specific to each couple’s needs. I sit with you as you practice these new skills and integrate them into your relationship.

Your relationship becomes more conscious and connected as a result. When you temper your old habits of anger and resentment, it is possible to see your partner through a renewed lens of love.

If you and your partner are mutually willing to allow this guidance, I will go to the difficult places with you in a way that few others ever would. Honoring that relationships are sacred, that children are often involved, and that much is at stake, I coach couples with fairness, clarity, and reverence. Your relationship matters, and before there is more divisiveness, contact me.

A discovery call is required for this service. We need to all know one another in order to make the agreement to work together this closely. Please book in here. 


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